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Summer Semester
Year 1

Life of Christ

Holy Spirit

Doctrine of the Church

Spring Semester
Year One
  1. Life of Christ Recommended ESV Illuminated Scripture Journal: Luke - Amazon
  2. Old Testament Survey
    1. Recommended The Glorious Disturbance: Understanding and Receiving the Baptism with the Spirit by Ernest Gentile - Amazon
  3. Basic Doctrine 1
    1. Foundations of Christian Doctrine by Kevin Conner - Amazon
Year Two
  1. Covenants - The Covenants by Conner & Malmin - Amazon
  2. Local Church - The Church int he New Testament by Kevin Conner - Amazon
  3. New Testament Survey
    1. New Testament Survey by Ken Malmin - Amazon
    2. Zondervan Handbook to the Bible by Zondervan - Amazon
Year Three

Coming soon…

Code of Conduct